Openstack Kilo: Change SSL cert with HA


I found very little information online about using a signed cert with the horizon dashboard. The version 7.0 fuel deployments provide haproxy which is where the cert needs to be changed. MANY people and tutorials will tell you to change it in apache2. This is incorrect because he have haproxy. To change or update your cert follow these steps.

  1. Put your cert into one file named something.pem. You should have the private key in there also like this



  3. Find your haproxy config file for your horizon ssl connection. Mine was/etc/haproxy/conf.d/017-horizon-ssl.cfg
  4. Change this line to what you are naming your cert./var/lib/astute/haproxy/public_domain.pem
  5. Copy your cert into /var/lib/astute/haproxy/ so your new cert can be used.
  6. Restart haproxy. I had to stop the service and the start it back up to get haproxy to use the new cert.
    service haproxy stop, service haproxy start

Do the same thing on all of your controllers and you should be good to go. 🙂


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